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Facts & Statistics

·  Only 22% of boaters have taken a boating safety class.

·  Less than 20% of recreational boat operators involved in fatal boating accidents had taken some type of boating education course.

·  There is approximate 87. Million U.S. Adult participating in recreational boating.  

.  93% of the boats sold in the U.S. are made in the U.S.

.  95% of the boats on the water are 26 feet or less.

.  76% of boat owners have a household income less than $100,000.

Boater Safety Tips

·  Always have a Personal Flotation Device on board for each passenger.  Make sure devices are size-appropriate.

·  Always have a throw able life ring or buoy on your vessel.

·  Always have a fire extinguisher on board. Make sure all passengers know where it is located and how to use it.

·  Always have a horn, bell or whistle on your vessel.  Conduct regular checks to ensure the noise device is working appropriately.

·  Never take a vessel out into the water while you are under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

·  Always have a communication device on board that does not depend on cell towers.  Two-way radios are the most popular.